Integrated Online Marketing and eBusiness Solutions

Select Bytes is an integrated online marketing and eBusiness solutions agency with offices in Sydney, Australia and Manila, Philippines. Developing, refining and adapting our value proposition over the past 18 years makes us stay relevant in the industry over this period of time. Positioning the company at the junction between creativity and new technologies has presented numerous challenges and rewards. One of the important achievements was the integration of multiple products, services, solutions and packages to deliver result oriented, cost effective integrated solutions, to our clients.

Our Recent Work

What our Clients Say

  • “Select Bytes took the time and effort to listen to our companies’ IT requirements. They have delivered a complete solution in a timely and cost effective manner.”…

    Al Bhaji, CEO ( Sydney Australia )
  • “My team uses iMem every day and all day. iMem plays a vital role in helping to mange the growth of our business…”

    Brett Whitford, Executive Director Customer Service Institute of Australia
  • Wow! You guys work like a speeding bullet… this is great! Many thanks and for the record, you’re great to work with!

    Jennifer Sanvictores Director of Sales & Marketing | The Farm at San Benito(Philippines)
  • “The Select Bytes team are really fantastic team to work with! A team of design, web developers and e-strategists that have brought our eBusiness plans to life.”…

    Benjamin Torney Tianda Pharmaceuticals ( Sydney Australia ) Pty Ltd