3D Walkthroughs

Posted by: admin • 6 Jul, 2013 0

If a “Picture Tells a Thousand Words” imagine how many words would a video do. Select Bytes provides 3D walkthrough, movie reel and 360 virtual tour services.

Modern 3D walkthrough and 360 virtual tour.

In the commercial world 3D walkthroughs are being successfully used by property developers to present their audience with a real-like image of what the project would look like when it’s finished and make selling off-plan a much easier task. 3D animation is also used frequently in other sectors: medicine, science, etc.

For existing properties, real estate agents use 360 virtual tours, an interactive, 360 degree view of the property they showcase. Virtual tours are also often used by quality hotels and resorts to introduce their properties and promote their services.
Movie reels are very effective, powerful tools when introducing a company, a new product or service.

Our range of movie and 3D animation related services include*:

  • Product strategy
  • Concept and story boarding
  • 3D rendering, animation, lighting, modelling
  • Voice over, music, editing, grading
  • Social media integration and more

If you have any queries or to discuss your specific requirements contact us

* Whilst we’re managing the entire project, some services are being provided through our partner network

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