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What is Parallax Scrolling? Posted by: admin • 18 Sep, 2014 0

Parallax Scrolling has recently been growing in popularity throughout the internet because of the many creative possibilities it brings to web design.

Effect of Parallax Scrolling on SEO and Responsive Design Posted by: admin • 18 Sep, 2014 0

There’s a lot to be said about Parallax scrolling powerful way of dazzling its audience with page depth, animation, and interactivity. But of course there’s more to a web page than its design, and a few questions you might ask yourself is “How does it affect SEO?” and “Is it compatible with Responsive Design?”.

Why consider responsive design Posted by: admin • 4 Nov, 2013 0

The determining factors, when designing and building a website, are your target market and the way users access the site.

Personal Marketing – How It Works Posted by: admin • 30 Jul, 2013 0

When Harry met with a client for the first time, that same day he hand-write a thank you card and put it in the mail. His client gets get it either the next day or the day following. Harry guarantees that his competition is not doing this, and even if they are, they will just send a pre-printed cookie-cutter postcard or something that is not personalized at all. His notes are always handwritten, and he always make some reference regarding the appointment so that they know this was written specifically for them and to express his appreciation.

Why Should You Bother With SEO? Posted by: admin • 2 Jul, 2013 0

Think about why people use a search engine – they want to find high quality, relevant content. If you assume the search engine is doing its job right, you get most of the way to doing your SEO right. The two most basic things that should concern SEO are the following…

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