Custom Solution Development

Not two businesses are the same. Nor are the systems supporting them.
Apart from our own integrated marketing, CRM and recruitment platforms, over the years we’ve been instrumental not only selecting and implementing the best off-the-shelf solutions for our clients but also designing and developing a wide range of highly customised modules, interfaces, systems and entire solutions.

Whilst off-the-shelf solutions suit the requirements of most small businesses, medium and large companies require interfacing and integrating many applications and systems together, which in turn requires at least some custom development.

The key to managing risk, achieving and exceeding client expectations consists in the use of tried and tested methodologies.

By-and-large, our custom solution development and integration methodologies include the following stages:

  • Business Definition and Alignment
  • Technical Requirements
  • Solution Architecture
  • Prototyping
  • Development, Integration and Testing
  • Client Review and Approval
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

Whether you are looking to implement off-the shelf or custom developed solutions, contact us to discuss your specific requirements.