Effect of Parallax Scrolling on SEO and Responsive Design

Posted by: admin • 18 Sep, 2014 0

There’s a lot to be said about Parallax scrolling powerful way of dazzling its audience with page depth, animation, and interactivity. But of course there’s more to a web page than its design, and a few questions you might ask yourself is “How does it affect SEO?” and “Is it compatible with Responsive Design?”.

Effect of Parallax Scrolling on SEO

Most websites that make use of Parallax scrolling make use of a single page that you can scroll through to make the story unfold. This can be detrimental to SEO, as your webpage makes use of a single URL. It also affects SEO negatively websites using this design makes use of several H1 headers, which turn out to compete with each other.

This has created a misconception that Parallax scrolling is detrimental to SEO, which is far from the truth. There are several ways in which you can create a beautiful Parallax Scrolling website, while still maintaining SEO strength.

On way is instead of using a single page, you can have the site make use of several pages, while still having the home page feature parallax scrolling. This is a great way to make use of this design, and still make it perform well on searches.

Another proven way is to create a multipage parallax scrolling site on SEO architecture. You simply place the parallax scrolling design effects on each SEO URL, after you’ve started out with SEO Web Architecture.

So is it possible to create a beautiful Parallax Scrolling website without losing out on SEO? Definitely. The important thing is to work with a competent designer who’s familiar with these concepts.

Parallax Scrolling and Responsive Design Compatibility

The biggest advantage of responsive design eliminates the need for creating a separate mobile site, as it adjusts the content for a wide range of devices, which gives it a high degree of flexibility. When it comes to using Parallax Scrolling in concert with responsive design, things can get a bit tricky. When you use Parallax Scrolling, keep in mind that it can look different from one device to another. This is not such a difficult task, but you must have a capable designer who knows how to translate the effect on different devices so that compatibility problems can be easily avoided.

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