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Level up your email and SMS marketing campaign with our AllMessages marketing automation platform.

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A recent survey shows that “email continues to be a vital component of the marketing mix and the vast majority of companies (72%) rate email as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ in terms of ROI”.

The level of success with email and SMS marketing campaigns today depends on the level of knowledge and skill implementing design best practices, a focus on deliverability and the art of designing engaging content targeted to your audience which in turn requires a good understanding of your customer preferences. Improving the quality of your email and SMS campaigns requires also using a good set of analytic tools and reports and the knowledge to interpret the results and fine-tune your campaigns.

Complete delivery of email and SMS Marketing services.

Select Bytes can help you design and implement quality email and SMS campaigns, build your customers’ profiles, understand their requirements, preferences and behaviours. We can help you improve in a measurable way the quality of your email and SMS campaigns.

We provide a full range of email and SMS marketing services, including:

  • email graphic and HTML design
  • copy writing
  • personalisation
  • email SPAM checking
  • testing
  • sending
  • tracking
  • automatic email bounce collecting and hands-free unsubscribing
  • reports & analytics

Email and SMS Marketing Automation

Take the email and SMS campaigns one step further with allmessages, our marketing automation platform. Allmessages lets you implement triggers and workflows that help you personalise your customer experience, the information they receive, order and frequency.
To find out more about Allmessages contact us today.

Superb SMS marketing services.
Professional email marketing automation.

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