How Your Branding Can Improve Your Business

Posted by: admin • 30 Jun, 2013 0

There’s a lot of business out there for you to capture. It is safe to assume that when you are in a business, you don’t have a marketing problem so much as a sales/production/fulfillment capacity problem. Figure out a way to do even more pavement pounding, as awful as that might sound. A good way to start is by polishing your brand.

It is understandable that the competition is particularly rough and  there are probably lots of your niche that have been around for a long time. Despite this, carving out more loyal customers is definitely doable. Hard, but doable.

You don’t have to try to mimic your competitor when it comes to branding. Your branding tells everything about you and your business.

The name of the company needs to be well-thought. Many people would not know the story behind it, but if it is possible to change something right off the bat, this would be the thing. Freshen it up a bit – maybe make it more personally meaningful, less “old” and more “classic” perhaps. Don’t make your company name confusing and lacking connection with who you guys are. Don’t make it not very interesting.

One thing your competition might be doing right is their name/image for what they’re going for. It fits, is interesting and memorable, and is consistent. Again, don’t try to over-hip yourself, but keep it clean, simple, classic, understandable, and a little more personal and interesting. You guys can definitely find better branding that can speak to your target customers.

The website needs more attention than you think. Simplify and modernize it. There’s a lot great info on there, but try to find a better balance between simplicity and quality information.

Make it easier for wholesale customers to work through the site. Even if you put a simple form that emails you when a customer fills it out for an order or an inquiry, it’s better than nothing. If you get even a single potential customer contacting you through it in a year, it’s worth the effort.

Present the product/service with utmost simplicity. There’s plenty of space for your business that simply produce a good product for people who simply want a good cup of whatever you serve them. Don’t be gimmicky or flashy, keep your branding/message/pitch simple. Sell on price and service as best as you can, let your product speak for itself.

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