Lead Generation and Nurturing

Posted by: admin • 24 May, 2013 0

Generating quality leads should be the primary objective of any marketing department. Introducing your products and services to your leads, educating them to make the best decisions, understanding their needs and personalising their web experience are all part of the lead nurturing process.

Select Bytes has the tools and experience to implement effective online lead generation and nurturing solutions.Our lead management software and services cover the entire lead life cycle, from initial engagement through lead nurturing, scoring and sales hands-off.

Lead Generation

Select Bytes provides a wide range of lead generation services including:

Know your sources, increase your traffic and identify your leads. This is lead generation and nurturing.

Enquire about our telemarketing services provided by our outsourcing business unit, Select Outsourcing.

Lead Nurturing

allmessages plays an important role in the delivery of our lead nurturing solutions. The system provides a number of management and design tools including:

  • multi-channel nurturing campaign designers (email, SMS, social)
  • marketing automation designing tool
  • workflow management
  • market segmentation tools
  • campaign reports and marketing analytics and more

For more information or to discuss your specific requirements contact us today.

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