Personal Marketing – How It Works

Posted by: admin • 30 Jul, 2013 0

When Harry met with a client for the first time, that same day he hand-write a thank you card and put it in the mail. His client gets it either the next day or the day following. Harry guarantees that his competition is not doing this, and even if they are, they will just send a pre-printed cookie-cutter postcard or something that is not personalized at all. His notes are always handwritten, and he always make some reference regarding the appointment so that they know this was written specifically for them and to express his appreciation. Harry have gotten a lot of compliments on this, and people definitely remember him and send other clients his way. And all it costs is 5 minutes, a card and a stamp. Harry has been doing this for 12+ years in business.

This is a great example of personal marketing, which applies most directly to people in a sales role. One of the single most important principles that a salesperson should follow is that businesses are built on relationships. Creating, maintaining and improving business relationships by being personable can be more valuable than any market report or industry knowledge.

Personal marketing can get your business sprinting ahead with so little effort and no risk.

The average business owner has no idea how far ahead of the competition he/she can be just by being personable, being genuinely concerned, showing up on time – things that should really be common sense, but are surprisingly rare.

In a marketplace that has so many businesses all doing the same thing, being personable and going the extra mile for your clients is a great way to set your business apart from the rest. Get to know your clients, know what their kids are doing, when their birthdays are and send them a card; these are all the little things that will get your business a good reputation.

Make sure you are managing your leads through a good lead generation and nurturing service to keep track both of your clients and potential clients in order to propagate your business in the long run.

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