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There is no point having a website if nobody can find it. Three of the most popular ways to increase your website visibility are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

Search Engine Optimization

Select Bytes SEO services guarantee a boost in your website ranking,  give you a  higher chance to drive traffic, generate leads and turn them into sales.

As part of our solutions we provide a range of services:

  • seo on-page optimization including
    • keyword research
    • competitor research and analytis
    • URL structure
    • meta tags
    • image optimization
    • page speed optimization
    • content writing & development(optional)
    • site maps and robots.txt optimization
    • Site user-friendlyness analysis
  • seo off-page optimization including
    • high quality business directory submission
    • social media persona
    • high quality backlinks from relevant website
    • forum account creation and management
    • blog commenting
    • content marketing (optional)
    • reputation management optimization (optional)
Our SEO packages start at $249 per month and include on-page and off-page optimization as well as monthly reporting. Contact us now! Also, check out the social media marketing packages in store.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM / PPC (pay-per-click), is a quick and efficient way of increasing your website visibility. There is a large number of SEM providers and services.

Select Bytes can help you setup and manage your SEM campaigns in order to maximize your results and achieve better conversion. We can assist with:

  • keyword research
  • campaign setup and management
  • landing page/form design and implementation
  • setting up and managing A/B campaigns
  • interpreting results and improving traffic and conversion

Contact us for an obligation free Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign quote.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become a significant component of any online marketing strategy. Building a strong group of followers and engaging with them on a regular basis can bring significant benefits to your business.
Select Bytes can help you design a professional looking social network page that will help build your brand awareness on any on the popular networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
We can help you maintain the page, engage with your followers, gather leads or nurture the exiting ones using forms and survey embedded into the Facebook pages.

Setting up a social media presence starts at $79. Setting up and managing multi-channel social marketing campaigns start at $249 per month. Contact us now to get our special social media marketing services!

SEO and SEM may be confusing and if not properly handled may not achieve the desired results. If you require professional assistance with SEO, SEM or Social Media Marketing campaigns contact us. today.

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