Why Should You Bother With SEO?

Posted by: admin • 2 Jul, 2013 0

Think about why people use a search engine – they want to find high quality, relevant content. If you assume the search engine is doing its job right, you get most of the way to doing your SEO right. The two most basic things that should concern SEO are the following

  • Get linked by other legitimate websites that have rankings.
  • Provide content that’s regularly updated & relevant.

Why bother with SEO? What are the advantages of having SEO?

In short you need to register your site with the major engines, make sure you use good HTML, and make sure you have good spam-free content. The system is designed to direct customers to valued content (measured by their time on the site and links to your site). Just concentrate on having a well-designed, standards-compliant website with good content.

If you meet all the standards and followed everything by the book, there is a big chance that people will find you easily online. This will give you more opportunities to turn these visitors into quality leads.

It should be noted that SEO is not at all about gaming the system. Those that ‘game’ the system are flagged and penalized. Cheating the search engines into having your site ranked higher is referred to as Black Hat. Black Hat employs high risk/high reward cheating methods (spam, hack, fake feeder sites, fake reviews, fake profiles, etc) that can give you high rankings for a time until search engine catches you and demote your rankings and de-index your site completely.

Naturally, there is also what we call a White Hat. White Hat basically entails doing things by the book. This will take longer to rank, but results will likely last and very much more advantageous in the long run.

There is a lot of SEO hype out there. Google has a webmasters school on their site with dozens of good information and videos. You can also read many resources for basic and beginners’ SEO out there for free.

Select Bytes uses white hat SEO solutions so you never have to worry about vanishing from search engine result pages. Try our effective SEO services now. Contact us to learn more.

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